OpenESB Enterprise Edition

 Why OpenESB Enterprise Edition

OpenESB is today a strategic tool for IT teams who develop with success service oriented integration projects. More and more companies use OpenESB to design and develop critical projects with an enterprise scope. With OpenESB, they implemented reliable and scalable applications and process billions of messages for a high ROI. To move from departmental to Enterprise applications, OpenESB required new improvements to meet user’s demands. Companies expressed strong needs for enterprise features such as security, monitoring, management with a strong and efficient technical support. To take into account this evolution, Pymma issued a new advanced edition for OpenESB that meets these new requirements. We named it “OpenESB Standalone Enterprise Edition (OE EE)”. Fully compatible with the community edition, OpenESB EE embedded enterprise features demanded by OpenESB users.

API Management
Monitor Agents
Technical Monitoring
Business Monitoring 01
Business Monitoring 02
Business Alert 01
Business Alert 02

NEW API Management on OpenESB Enterprise Edition




A new and revolutionary API management is embedded within OpenESB EE. The role of this new component is to give a full control and management of the HTTP channels used with OpenESB.

OpenESB Enterprise Edition offers advanced features to improve the HTTP channels: Discovery (Catalogue, Search and Provisioning), Security (SSL, PKI, threat protection, encryption, signatures, etc), Identity (AuthN & AuthZ, API key, OAuth, SAML, LDAP, proprietary IAM, multifactor, token translation & management), Life cycle governance (Versioning) , Traffic Mediation (SOAP to REST mediation, data format transformation, legacy application integration), Traffic Shaping (Rate limitation, Caching, etc…), Analytics & Traffic Monitoring, Metering, Billing and Monetization (*), Data Protection (, Data encryption,), Advanced security - many authentications available, Routing – Load balancing, … is very scalable and manages thousands of message per second per instance.

New monitoring agents on OpenESB Enterprise Edition



OpenESB Enterprise Edition embedded monitoring agents to the main Enterprise Monitoring Tools on the market such as Nagios, Opsview, IBM Tivoli or else. The agents make easier the access to OpenESB internal state. With OpenESB Enterprise Edition, you are now able to monitor your integration platform in the same way you monitor other pieces of your IT System such as your Application Server, Database, OS… These new OpenESB Enterprise Edition features informs your production team on the components states, and applications status, core statistics and many other useful metrics such as the memory and the number of Thread used. Enterprise Monitoring alerts and statistics can be set up based on this information. Agents save days of development and maintenance to interface OpenESB with your enterprise monitoring tools.

New technical monitoring on OpenESB Enterprise Edition





What quality of service do I offer to my customer? Do my partners follow the SLA we defined by contract? How can I improve my own SLA? What are the most used services on my platform? To reply to such simple questions and assess the quality of their services, Business and IT teams need accurate and meaningful information from their IT systems. OpenESB Enterprise Edition offers a completely new monitoring. It publishes large amount of instructive information on your processes. With the new OpenESB EE monitoring connectors your projects will be linked with tools such as Elasticsearch Kibana or Amazon Kenesis.

New business monitoring on OpenESB Enterprise Edition



OpenESB Enterprise Edition allows you to select information to understand and analyse your business processes, running on your integration platform. OE EE implements a new and versatile business monitoring to publish accurate information from your processes. This information could be sent to the main reporting tools processed to generate dashboard and reporting. At the design time, business teams specify data sets they want to extract from the business process for analysis or reporting. IT teams implement these requirements to pick up information from the business processes at the runtime.

New business monitoring on OpenESB Enterprise Edition



At the runtime, OpenESB Enterprise Edition extracts automatically the information required by the business, transforms and sends them to your reporting tools. OpenESB EE is compatible with the main reporting tools such as Elasticsearch Kibana, Amazon Kene or IBM Watson Analytic. This new OpenESB EE feature helps the management to understand their processes by analysing the data generated by OpenESB enterprise Edition.

New business alert on OpenESB Enterprise Edition



OpenESB Enterprise Edition offers an additional feature to monitor and control your applications. A new alert system allows Business and IT teams to implement bespoke alerts based on business process contexts. Brought together with the enterprise connectors, OpenESB EE provides a unique feature to link your integration platform with your Enterprise Alert System.

New business alert on OpenESB Enterprise Edition



At the runtime, OpenESB Enterprise Edition generates the business and technical alerts. The alerters are versatile and can be upgraded to support any protocols and communicate with the enterprise alert systems. Bespoke alert content is based on the business process context when the alert is issued.