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About us

Pymma is a European technical bureau created in 1999. Pymma is a worldwide provider of integration system and SOA solution. Through its support to the OpenESB project, Pymma is recognised as a major solution provider in service oriented architecture and integration.

We deeply invest in research, method and development and collaborate with universities, engineering schools and government to offer the best products and services for our customers. Pymma transforms the way organisation approach integration and service oriented projects, they can deliver better development experiences, strengthen IT assessment reusing, increase their agility shorten their time to market and ultimately drive better value and revenue.


The best people for the best services

Pymma partners are senior developers and architects, multi-language speakers with an international experience in top European and US companies. They all took part in enterprise wide project as architects, development experts or project managers. Many of us are trainer, lecturer and teaching at the university. Pymma offers to its partners a high degree of autonomy and a strong involvement and a personal responsibility during their missions.


Main dates

1999: Pymma has been found by two technical architects, nut of technologies and performances Paul Perez and Bruno Sinkovic. Expert in Java Enterprise Architecture, Pymma worked for prestigious company such as Societe Generale, BNP, BMW, Deutch Bahn, Thales, Renault or British Airways on large Java EE projects and got his Java Enterprise Certification from Sun Microsystem.

2003: Forecasting the inability of monolithic Java EE applications to support the new reusing and agility challenges needed by our customers, Pymma invested heavily in web Services and new architectures we did not named SOA yet. We were the first company to develop a Web Service between a Weblogic server and Mainframe IMS transaction (Work made for Socgen before IBM).

2006: Working on large projects with Web Services such as bank merging and enterprise websites showed us that Java EE too focused on transactional processes and N tiers applications was not the good candidate for the next generation of integration project. We started working on the promising Java Business Integration specification issued by Sun Microsystems.

2010: Oracle bought Sun and cancelled its investment in OpenESB. Pymma created a new Open community and started new research and development for the next OpenESB versions.

2015: OpenESB Standalone Edition mainly developed our team show Pymma’s expertness of OpenESB architecture and code.

Pymma is a European company based in UK (London main office), France, Belgium and Canada.