OpenESB Training T2

Training OpenESB for technical people: Advanced level (T2)



This course is dedicated to developers and architects who want to be operational immediately on OpenESB and be involved on real OpenESB projects. The training scope covers OpenESB advanced concepts frequently used in projects such as correlation and compensation. This 2 days course will allow you to tackle serenely your integration in operational OpenESB projects.

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Developers, architects, integrator, project manager will do this training with a great interest


OpenESB T01


Theory 50%, practice 50%


2 days


We delegate one of our ESB consultants at your premises. Courses can be given in English, French, Spanish and German.

2 days

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SOA development Process

Introduction to Pymma service oriented development process Rebecca based on TOGAF principle
Fault and exception management in BPEL Faults and Exception management in BPEL. Faults, exceptions, Catch, Handlers. Advanced concept and exercises
BPEL Compensation Introduction to compensation in a BPEL process. Advanced concept and exercises.
BPEL Correlation Introduction to Correlation in a BPEL process. Advanced concept and exercises.
BPEL mapper advanced Features BPEL mapper advanced Features (Predicate, Java calls…)
Transaction, Guarantee of delivery, consistency with OpenESB Advanced lecture on Guarantee of delivery, consistency concept with OpenESB
Exercises 50% of the time is dedicated to practical use cases and exercises