OpenESB Training S1

 Training OpenESB for support: Entrey level (S1)



This course is dedicated to support and production teams that install and monitor OpenESB applications in a production environment. The first part of the course is dedicated to the OpenESB basic concepts and JBI architecture. This basic knowledge is fundamental to understand how an OpenESB is designed, developed, deployed, monitored and debug. The delegates will learn how to develop and deploy simple applications and will understand the concept of “service unit” and “service assembly”. Then the course focuses on OpenESB components (HTTP BC, JMS, BC, FTP BC, FILE BC…) in multi instances environment. In the second part of the course, we introduce the concepts required for understanding and setting a multi instances environment. The delegates will deploy and test simple OpenESB applications in a multi instance environment. The last chapter will focus on administration and monitoring tools.

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This course is dedicated to the first or second level support and production teams and technical people in charge of OpenESB application deployment and monitoring.


Knowledge of support and production constraints. Linux/Unix commands


Theory 50%, practice 50%


2 days


We delegate one of our ESB consultants at your premises. Courses can be given in English or French.


Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


OpenESB concepts

Bus Architecture advantages, components and orchestration



Service Engine

Binding component

JBI management

Service unit

Service Assembly

OpenESB introduction

OpenESB BPEL first look



Graphical editor

OpenESB components

Main OpenESB components description





OpenESB Monitoring How to setup log in production, Monitoring capability
OpenESB development process OpenESB development process from design to implementation and deployment.
Clustering in multiple environment basic concepts Technical concepts on high availability and redundancy. Business process behaviour in multi instance environment
Glassfish Application server in cluster (For GF Edition) GF cluster hierarchy. Domain, Cluster, Instance, Node-agent.
OpenESB in a clustered environment OpenESB constraints in a clustered environment. Components behaviour in a multi instance mode. File BC, JMS BC, HTTP BC, JDBC BC et BPEL SE.
Administrative tools OpenESB console, OE Admin
Practice ex: 1 Set up a cluster and OpenESB applications deployment. using the Glassfish admin console
Practice ex: 2 Set up a cluster and OpenESB applications deployment. using OE Admin