OpenESB Training B1

Training OpenESB for business: Entry level (B1)



This course is dedicated to non-technical people who want to be introduced to OpenESB. Especially designed for business and functional teams who define requirements for services oriented applications, this course focuses on OpenESB key concepts and features but mainly on services oriented process development, team organisation, interaction between functional and technical teams and service governance.

Your profile

Functional or business people, Business analyst, executives, management and any non-technical person designing specifications for Service Oriented Applications with or without OpenESB.




Theory 80%, practice 20%


2 days


We delegate one of our ESB consultants at your premises. Courses can be given in English or French.


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Basic concept

Key concepts to understand and design Service Oriented Applications or Developments.

Constraints on IT teams

Intermediation principle

Contract of services

Bus Architecture

Encapsulation and Integration

String and weak coupling


CAP Theorem

OpenESB introduction

Bus architecture benefits

Components and orchestration.

OpenESB-JBI Architecture:



Service Engine

Binding component

JBI management

Service unit

Service Assembly

SOA and management List and explain friction points that occurs when designing and implementing Service Oriented Applications. How management and executive organise their teams in a service oriented environment.
Schema et WSDL introduction Basic concepts on XML schema and contract. Basics et advanced topics used during development with OpenESB
BPEL introduction Introduction to BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). Theoretical revue of main BPEL activities and some advanced notions like BPEL Correlation.
Integration with legacy systems Patterns and best practices to integrate mainframe and legacy application with OpenESB.
BPMN Introduction to BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation). Examples and exercises
BPEL et BPMN Comparison between the two specifications. Who uses them and when. What are the differences between them?
Development process Rebecca Initiation to Rebecca development process