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Written by Ernesto Exposito and Codé Diop, “Smart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures” is a book which intended to introduce the principles of the Event-Driven and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA 2.0) and its role in the new interconnected world based on the cloud computing architecture paradigm. In this new context, the concept of “service” is widely applied to the hardware and software resources available in the new generation of the Internet. Using OpenESB as a service oriented platform, the authors focus on how current and future SOA technologies provide the basis for the smart management of the service model provided by the Platform as a Service (PaaS) layer.

Writing by PHDs, the book contrasts with the simple level examples found on the internet and shows how OpenESB is used in research projects and advanced contexts. A bit expensive, the book provides a good background and pushes our intellectual boundaries on Service Oriented Architecture. It is an excellent purchase for the ones who want to progress and go forward with SOA Event-Driven architecture and OpenESB.

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The book can be bought here:

Ernesto is associate professor at INSA Toulouse and researcher at LAAS/CNRS laboratory in France. He coordinates international relationships between INSA Toulouse and Latin America.

Codé Diop Is Doctor of Philosophy in Networks, Telecommunications, Systems and Architectures, Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Toulouse, France, 2015.